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Get Your Custom Grillz Now!

Buy Gold Teeth is the leading online retailer that specializes in high-quality gold teeth and custom grills. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on our products and guarantee a perfect fit to your molds. Also known as “gold fronts” or “gold slugs,” this fashion accessory have become popular with the rise of hip-hop culture and remains an iconic expression of identity today. Unlike other cheap knockoff grillz online (instant/premade “mall” grills), our gold teeth are custom designed specifically for you, which means a comfortable fit with a flawless look.

Quality Gold Teeth Caps

At BuyGoldTeeth.com, we offer a huge variety of styles and materials including gold, white gold, and sterling silver. Each of our grillz are carefully crafted by us using a mold of your teeth in order to give you a million dollar smile without breaking the bank. From 10k, 14k, and 18k solid gold or white gold to iced out diamond custom top or bottom sets, see why we are the top grillz company online by shopping today!

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Mouth Grills Popularity over the Years

Gold grillz have been a staple within the hip-hop scene and rap culture for years. They have gone beyond a means of fashion or style to becoming an indicator of status, wealth, and a representation of who you are as a person, icon, or celebrity. Like large gold chains and other jewelry, mouth grills were a way of showing wealth without holding on to cash. It started from the days of Paul Wall and Johnny Dang (aka TV Johnny) who along with Nelly, collaborated on the hit song “Grillz” which sparked popular interest in this item. Celebrities and musicians, such as Nelly and Beyoncé, have allowed grillz to become more popular than ever as an accessory that symbolizes prestige and individuality. Perfect for high profile events or casual outings, a gold grill is a piece of bling that makes an impression and is impossible to miss.

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How to get Custom Grills Today

Real gold slugs have grown in popularity over the years and have transcended hip-hop culture, becoming popular with other genres of music, such as hardcore metal and punk rock. This accessory has also become popular among non-musicians and celebrities too. Fortunately for these everyday people who do not have the wealth these hip-hop and other musicians have, there are affordable choices online for real gold grillz such as www.buygoldteeth.com.

History of Hip Hop Culture

Buy Gold Teeth values the importance of grill as more than just a basic accessory, but as an emblem of cultural expression. Hip hop began in the 1970s as an underground urban movement that started in the Bronx of New York City. During a time of racial tension and discrimination, African American rappers and artists were able to break down musical and cultural barriers when they created the hip hop movement. With catchy beats, poetic rhymes, and talented free stylers, hip hop rapidly became a sensation.

Grills Teeth in Hip-Hop Genre

Hip hop eventually grew to be more than just a genre of music, but a culture and way of life that valued the urban experience. Rappers and DJ’s such as Afrika Bambaataa, Dr. Dre, and Eazy-E were able to bring hip-hop and rap music to the masses, allowing the public to connect and relate to the hip-hop way of life. Not only did the hip hop movement finally allow talented African American artists to shine, it also brought change to the politics of the music industry. Before the hip-hop movement it was very difficult for African American artists to succeed in the music industry; in response to this systematic prejudice, rappers defiantly exhibited their wealth and success with flashy jewelry, which artist B.G. coined as “bling-bling”.

Gold Fronts Trend in the Present

As hip hop style became more defined, gold grills became an essential accessory to a blinged-out outfit. In 2005 Nelly even wrote a song about the accessory, securing it as an iconic symbol of hip hop culture. Though grillz stem out of hip hop culture and still remain an important symbol of the African American fight against inequality, they are versatile accessories that fit many different styles. Today, they have become so popular that they have transcended genres. Moreover, they are commonly used as symbols of expression by Latin American and rock groups as well. Mainstream culture has also embraced gold teeth, with celebrities such as Katy Perry, Kanye West, and Jay-Z sporting gold or iced out grillz.

Benefits of Custom Grill

While there are cheap instant or premade grills on the market, no grill will fit your teeth as seamlessly and comfortably as a custom grill. Ill-fitting grills can not only look tacky, but they can also irritate your gums or cause dental problems. These unfitted slugs can be very uncomfortable if they are too large or too small for your mouth. Also, premade teeth grill are often made out of cheap material that will fade or break easily. Some can even cause allergic reactions if they are made out of allergy prone metals, such as nickel. On the other hand, custom ones are designed specifically for the buyer’s teeth using a mold to ensure a proper fit. These real grillz are made out of high-quality materials, such as gold or silver, for a durable shine and expensive look.

What Types of Grillz are Available?

Buy Gold Teeth offers a variety of grill styles and options, making it easy to shop for the perfect style. Shoppers can choose whether to purchase just a top or bottom grill or purchase a matching set. Grills can also be customized to fit the desired number of teeth and karat value of gold. The following is a list of the most popular grill categories that our store has to choose from.

  • Gold Grillz

Gold caps are iconic classics that pay homage to the original style. Available in either deep cut or open face, these teeth symbolize wealth and success. Prices depend on the number of teeth purchased, and the value of the gold (either 10k, 14k, or 18k).

  • Silver Grillz

Silver teeth grillz have become a modern trend that symbolize elegant and classic style. Silver grills tend to be less expensive than gold, but they make just as much of a statement. Silver is a very shiny metal that can flatter anyone’s teeth.

  • White Gold Grillz

White gold fronts are a great alternative for those who want an expensive grill that makes a statement but prefer the more natural white shade for their teeth.

  • Iced Out

Iced out grills come in all metal types (gold, silver, or white gold), and are even more blinged-out thanks to the addition of precious gems on the caps. Iced out grillz are a popular choice by celebrities since they make the biggest statement or wealth, prestige, and style.

Why Choose Our Gold Grill?

Buy Gold Teeth has been in the business of selling gold grillz for nearly a decade and has many satisfied customers over the years. We understand that fronts are fashionable accessories that have an important historical and cultural history. With this in mind, we create each piece to custom fit its buyer to ensure a comfortable and stylish look. Gold slugs teeth can be worn in many settings, from the club to a concert or event, or even just hanging out with friends. Investing in a quality grill can allow you to accentuate your style and express your personality. Our store brings customers the maximum value by offering low price, high quality, and fast turnaround. Browse through our online selection of best grillz today so you can find the perfect style for you!