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In this category we are proud and very ecstatic to showcase our grandest collection of deep cuts grillz. Deep Cuts Grillz is a different variation to the traditional gold grillz. As we have mentioned, our teeth grills come in many different metal types and a wide gamut of styles and designs. We all know that in this day and age anyone can make gold teeth. But what’s important is to know that not everyone can make an excellent product. Indeed, any person who is passionate about grills teeth and is determined to make them can learn how to do it. But not everybody has the experience, dexterity and skills needed to create top of the line deep cuts grillz. Creating superior quality mouth grills require patience, skills and most of all experience you can’t just make them out of scratch. That is why it is very important that you choose your manufacturer wisely in order to get your money’s worth. We are fully aware that it’s  not easy to gain trust and loyalty of a customer since it takes time. That is why we make sure that when we make our mouth grillz we have our customers embedded in our minds. In effect, all our deep cuts grillz are made to perfection. This way you’ll be proud to wear them wherever you go and endorse them to friends if there’s a need. Hip-hop enthusiasts are well aware that gold caps for teeth have somehow become a staple in rap and hip-hop culture for many years. For some reason, gold fronts have transcended beyond style or fashion. It also becomes a marker of wealth, status and represents who you are as a celebrity or an icon. Just like massive gold chains and medallions, a set of grill teeth has its way of evoking wealth without flashing hard cash. It all started during the time of Johnny Dang also known as TV Johnny and Paul Wall. Together with Nelly, they made the hit song entitled "Grillz". Ever since then the curiosity for gold teeth arouse and quickly became an interest for many including outside hip-hop scene. Surprisingly, grill for teeth became popular with other music genres such as punk rock and hardcore.
Real gold teeth have also become extremely popular among celebrities and non-musicians as well. So even though the inception of a mouth grill began with hip-hop, people from different genres and backgrounds appreciate its beauty. This explains why gold teeth caps are highly in demand.

More Options For Your Deep Cuts Grill

Our store offers three different karats for our deep cuts grillz. We have 10k, 14k and 18k gold. This means you have three options to choose from when it comes to karat of your teeth grills. A 10k gold grillz means the set contains 41.6% percent of gold. The 14k gold teeth contains around 58.5% gold and the 18k golden teeth contains 75% of gold. The higher the gold content the more expensive your gold grills become. But even if it gets pricey as karat goes high, the cost is still lower compared to other authentic grills.